GE Z-Wave wall switches and dimmers question

Hey, I have searched the forums and internet for an answer, and I can’t find it.
My question is: Do the GE Z-Wave wall switches/dimmers automatically turn on after power comes back on after a power failure even if the switches were left in the off position?
The same question would also apply to Go Control switches too.
I’m wanting the lights to stay off after power is restored.

I know that Hue bulbs return to an “on” state after power is restored, which I find :disappointed:.

For the few GE switches I have they appear to return to the prior state after a power outage. If they were off they stay off. If they were on, they return to on.

You can use persistence and rules to do anything you want though. Once power is restored, poll the devices state, then if it is on, shut it off, otherwise do nothing.

Most of the time I agree that persistence can help. But there are situations where you would prefer that the devices go immediately to a desired state after a power outage. Imagine a light in a bedroom that is on when the power goes out. If the power comes back on in the middle of the night you would likely prefer that the light never turn on even briefly before the controller decides it should be off. Some Z-wave devices have an option to go to a desired state when power comes on regardless of the prior setting. My GE switches all seem to go to the state when power was lost.

Whether you care about this or not is likely determined by how often your location loses power. If very infrequent, then this is probably not a significant issue.

I can see your point and can agree.

Hey, thanks for the fast responses! This helps out a lot. I got the answers that I was hoping for.