Geiger shutter control

I am new to the forum and want to start with openHAB now. My house is equipped with shutters from Geiger. So I would appreciate, if someone has already integrated these shutters into openHAB and is willing to share this with me and others.

There is no Binding … but tell us more about your Rollershutters. Which Modellnummer ? Datasheet ?

I found some Information & I think it is possible with Raspberry Pi and a 434 MHz Transmitter & Receiver

Read the Code’s from the Remote and save this! Now send the Code’s from Raspberry to your Rollershutters.

A litte NodeJS App makes it possible to have a little RestAPI … and Openhab can send Action to this RestAPI…

PS: I have no 434Mhz in my House … on google you find many 434Mhz Raspberry Projects.

If you have coded something and runs in Error, than post your Code for Review… perhaps I can help you without testing it by myself.

Here and German Tutorial… your Rollershutter do the same as the sockets :slight_smile:

If your Rollershutter worked with Generic Code’s than you must choose a other way.

For example, open one of the remote controls and use the GPIO’s on the Raspberry to press the Button’s

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Many thanks for your quick reply. I will let you know, what my experiences are. But first of all, I need to buy all the equipment (Raspi, 434 module etc.).