Gen 6 aeon labs multisensor

Just picked up another one of these.
First one works.

This one does not. Has newer firmware.
I can’t seem to get it to report the motion.

Seems like there’s one less command class channel on this newer one as well.
This one has sensor binary.

The older one i got has sensor binary(never worked) and alarm_motion(which is what i had to end up using).

Not sure why they both paired up with different sets of channels.

Maybe the new firmware 1.7 doesn’t work with openhab2?

Can you provide information how you setup and configurated your device?

It should, it’s in the database:
Make sure you have one of the device type’s and id’s mentioned in the database, if not, they have to be added.

I do have a few Gen 6 aeon labs multisensors with firmware 1.7 running on openHAB2. They work perfectly.