General question regardning sitemaps in OH2

I would like to create a custom sitemap in OH2 with some items showing on front page.
The things i have is some Z-wave things (dimmers and smoke alarms) with some items on them. All these things have been discovered with the paper-UI.
Is there a way to use autodiscovered things in a sitemap or do I need to set up some config files?

Outside of the dynamically generated sitemap in OH2, you can create your own by making a sitemap file in the conf/sitemaps folder. The elements within the sitemap reference the items that have been created, so you will need to know the item name. You can use the auto-discovered items within your own sitemap.


So the item name is like this auto-discovered item?


Do you use Habmin? You can hover over the item in the things configuration area and it will let you copy the item name.

Yes. Thats what i did, it worked. Thanks