General Transformation from PaperUI to sitemaps

in PaperUI I have an switch-item called “Reset_Consumables” with is defined as a switch with different kind of values: “Select Consumables”, “Reset Filter” and so on.

Now I want to transform this item as a sitemap-item:
Selection item=Reset_Consumables
but I don’t know the correct mappings-array.
I tried out with different values like mappings=[select_consumables=“a”, reset_filter=“b”…] and mappings=[consumables=“a”, filter=“b”, …] or [1=“a”, 2=“b”…]
but nothing works (this means: the reset doesn’t take place in sitemaps, but in paperui the selected value resets the choosen consumable).
Is there a strange-forward-way to transform paperUI-Mappings in mappings for items in basicUI-sitemaps?
Or a way to get the information how I can get the correct values for the sitemap-mapping?


It can’t be a Switch item, they only accept ON or OFF states
Are you sure it’s not a String item?


you are right… in PaperUI the item is of type String.
In the “Control”-Section of PaperUI different options are shown in a selection:


Here the possible values contains a blank, but in sitemaps a blank in mappings isn’t allowed.
How is the transformation of the value “Reset Filter” in PaperUI Control to mappings-value in sitemaps?