General use question - How to over-ride time based rules

Hi, i have created a rule to turn outside lights on just after dusk, and turn them off at 10pm, which is working fine. However, on occasion we need the lights to stay on longer, and i cant figure out a user friendly way to achieve this.

Ideally i would like to use habpanel to over-ride the timer for the light. i.e if i know that we will arrive home later on a certain day and want to plan ahead to have the lights stay on longer, i can set a day and time in habpanel to override the default timer for the light.

What would you recommend is the best way to achieve this?

many thanks

One way I am familiar with this is add a proxy switch in your rule. TimerOverride switch lets say.

Then if your rule when 10pm hits prior to turning off you say if timeroveride off then turn light off.

You would then need to have this proxy switch setup in hap panel as a switch and labeled properly. It only needs to be a switch item linked to no channel.

You need another rule that would say when timeroverride changes to off then turn light off. Or some other type of rule to turn the light off.


Thanks Thedannymullen , i was not aware of proxy switching - fab!

apologies for slow reply - i had no notification and its been a long time until google brought me back