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I wanted to create a new API Token, that my Node Red could access Openhab.
Every time, when I am enter the registration data, I get the same registration screen:

I haven’t found anything in the openhab.log


Did you fill in your username and password which you also use to log into openhab as admin?

@Lampy: Thanks, that was my failure. Always thought, a new user will be generated.

This is on the docs todo list.

Would be very pleased whone someone would jump in and preapare a little article on how to generate an api token. :slight_smile:

Hint understood :slight_smile: Not at home this weekend but beginning of coming week I will prepare a concept

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I have to throw hints sometimes. :smiley:
The more contributors, the more imrpoved docs articles available. :slight_smile:

Yes I do agree, I’ve had more often the idea to contribute, but now how to continue?
I’ve created a description with screenshots and an example, but it’s still in a word file…

Managed to install GitHub as extension on Visual Studio and logged in. Found the documentation part, created a fork, but which page to add this documentation to?

Saw you small discussion on GitHub that it would be better to create a different page, just create it as a new page below restdocs? Or add it as section to that page?

Would be my first contribution, so besides a small piece of writing a lot to learn :slight_smile:

At first: Thanks four your interest. :slight_smile:

I am working on a tutorial on how to contribute currently.
You can find the state as is here:

But “of course” the important “how to” parts are still missing.
(But it seems you don’t need them, when using visual studio with extension.)

What is probably useful is my little sign-off faq:

About the content:
I would indeed use a new page for this.
Api tokens could be used for scripts accessing through rest api or in apps that query the api but users wont get in touch with the api part.

Let’s discuss the how to best implement this on github. (IN the issue linked above)
I don’t want to takeover this thread too much. :slight_smile:

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