Generated Skeleton for a Binding

After following the steps for Developing a Binding in the openHAB documentation it took some time to get the generated skeleton built and succesfully tested. The following issues exist:

  • The copyright information of the generated java files does not match the expectations
    of the code analysis,
  • the file NOTICE is missing
  • the test in fails
  • the test in uses method handler.initialize() which is marked deprecated in

If someone could point me to the corresponding repository, I would like to contribute and issue a PR to correct this.

Probably the ESH repo is the right place.

Thank you @rlkoshak for your reply.

For ESH the editorial issues had just been taken care of a day prior to my post. For the errors occurring during the tests, I issued a PR.

For openHAB I have not been able to locate the relevant resources.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for taking care of those issues. Both scripts (ESH and OH2) are based on the same archetype skeleton which is located in the ESH repo - you already found the right place.

I recently committed an update for the documentation which contains some notes about the current differences (e.g. license and copyright information) for the two environments. Have a look here.

Hi Erik,

Thanks, it would be cool to merge your PR - did you see the comments wrt signing the commits? Would be great if you could do so. Let me know, if you have any questions about that!