Generating derived weather calculations with the Weather Calculations Binding

thanks to your great manual how to do that (which i would never found out by myself) it’s piece of cake :wink:
only downside is that i needed to set log:level again

maybe consider by default log:level ERROR instead of INFO? as it’s filling up openhab.log with pretty useless informations on every weather change… :wink: or direct it to the event.log instead which makes more sense to me.


Yes, I know that with a default logging configuration the binding is pretty verbose. The reason for that is that it makes troubleshooting for new users a lot easier. I think eventually I will be able to turn the noise down a bit. I’m not able to control where the log entries appear, that’s something that would need to be done at the openhab installation level. For now, you can turn it down with

log:set WARN org.openhab.binding.weathercalculations

Also, I’m not sure why you’d lose those settings during an upgrade… I’ve not seen that happen here.

Hello, all!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve uploaded a version of the Weather Calculations binding that has been compiled for openHAB 3.4… no other changes, and I haven’t tested it myself. I’ve also updated the marketplace entry (I think). Feel free to give it a try and let me know if you run into any problems!

Thanks, Bill!
Works perfectly. Used the opportunity to switch from .jar files to the Marketplace, no issues there, either.

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Many thanks for the report… glad to hear it’s working for you!

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Hello @hww3 can you create a version for oh4m1 build?


I’m in the process of updating my development environment, so it will be a few days before I can get something uploaded. Will report back when I have something ready to try.




I’ve built a version of this binding for the latest 4.0 milestone. There are no code changes, it’s just recompiled. I don’t have a 4.0 installation (yet), so it’s untested, but I don’t think there should be any problems using it. Please give it a try and let me know if you run into any problems.


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