Generating token in OH3 disables Cloud connection through android APP

I wanted to secure local access to android app, so I created additional users in openhab-cli console, then added their roles in main page of OH3 and changed API security (all options disabled). Now I have to type username and password to connect to app localy and it works great.
Now I cannot access remotely using as it was working before I made API security. Is there a way to make this both options work? I can’t find any way to add token or something to cloud. I tried also in app to type token as login and it;s also not working. Any help?


sorry for the late reply. I moved this to the “openHAB Cloud” category as this seems to be a cloud issue for me.
Can you login on a PC to when API security is active?

Yes, the myopenhab show that server is Online.

What happens when you access The credentials are the same as for, but it should show the start page of your local openHAB server.
If there’s an error, please open the dev console of your browser for more information.

You mean in the android app as local server? It doesn’t work :confused: In the browser - yes.