Generic advice on OH3

I’ve been contemplating moving to a UI based config. Although I do like having my configs in git so I can keep track of changes, it is kind of a pain. I spent many hours working out the syntax :slight_smile:

Also, I’d like to have support for the ‘model’. I have a fairly small setup. 41 things, 190 items, and a few rules. Are there any scripts to move config files to the UI based (json?) format? If not, recreating them in the UI would probably not be too bad, just a bit time consuming. A few cups of coffee maybe,

Lastly, I see there are json files for the config under /var/lib/openhab/jsondb. Is there a way to force a backup file to be created?

Thanks, Andy

If you run openhabian on PI then you can put a second sd card in reader and do a full backup to that so in the event of failure you just swap the sd cards.

Put it this way you are going to go to OH3 so you might as well do it now. You can add your text items in but linking will be a pain. With only 41 things I would create them from scratch.

Spend time at the beginning creating your model. Then in the model create equipment from thing. This will auto create your items and you just need to tweak your items.

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JSONDB, where all the configs that are made through the UI, are plain text and can be checked into git as well.

Conversely, you can absolutely define the model using .items files. It all represented using Group membership and Item tags.

You should be able to rediscover most of your Things through automatic discovery. For the rest you’ll have to recreate them.

There is an “add Items from text definition” option you can use to import your Items. However, your Thing IDs might have changes so you might need to relink the Items to the Channels. It might be easier to recreate most of your Items using “create equipment from Thing” in the Model page.

Rules will need to be recreated one by one.

A backup is created on every change automatically.

Thanks. I will start from scratch again. I learned a bit from my first install, a bit over a year ago. The release of 3.0 got me back to playing with OH.