Generic IP Camera binding

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So this binding cannot be used in a manually created .sitemap?

I don’t see how I can declare this in the sitemap. I have the camera feed displaying in PaperUI ok when defining it, I’ve defined as an image object in my items file as:

Image CameraHallway "Hallway Camera" <camera> { channel="camera:camera:3c843eb1:image" }

But the “Image item=” I guess expects a URL so can’t use that. What am I missing here?

(Gonzalo Echevarria) #82

same error, any idea??

(Martin) #83

Hi, i use openhab 2.2 and pushed the jar into addon dir,
after restart and permission changes to jar, the paperui shows the binding.
But when i want to add a cam, i can klick to binding, but there are only empty field,
no settings … ?!

(Martin) #84

… after reboot it works :slight_smile:

(Markus) #85


tried the camera binding on my Rasp Pi3 setup, works nicely until it crashes the system because of an apparent memory leak. My system is OH2.1, I have installed the camera binding I had to back out the binding to get my system running again. Probably an issue with memory needed for the polling ?

Thanks for your help, M.

(Pälzer Bu) #87

Hello Ganesh,
have a look at the first post of this thread, this gives you the maintainer and the github repository.

(Markus) #89

Hi everybody,

meanwhile I found a workaround for my camera to have an updating camera image on the basic-ui, that does not involve the binding. See my comment above, my RPi stopped working after some time because of an apparent memory leak in the latest binding version. It seems it was receiving the video picture in the background until there was no memory left. My solution involves a simple WEBVIEW that displays a local image and runs some javascript to trigger via the REST API an update of it from the camera that is done in the rule engine. The latest picture is stored locally such that the static view in the browser works. That solution does not permit the video stream though. If people are interest, I could post my solution.

If the camera binding would be fixed, then I would very much like to test it and use that again.

Best, Markus

(Thetmar) #90

Hi Markus,

Which camera do you use?? I’ll hope Hikvision…
I’ve some problems tot het an image from met camera. The latest picture URL changes every frame.

(Markus) #91


fortunately not. In my case this is D-link one. Your problem sounds tricky.


(Flavio Pompermaier) #92

I’ve basically forked the existing java lib for onvif in order to make it easier to compile and extend at
I hope this could be useful for people willing to integrate with openhab2

(Flavio Pompermaier) #94

Sure Ganesh!

(juppe1) #95

How do I add my camera with this bindning?

When I try to do it from the bindings page all I get is an almost empty page that says Camera Binding with info about the binding and then Supoorted things and under that it is empty. Am I on the wrong page to add my camera as a thing?

When I try to add my camera in the inbox page I press plus sign at the top and then the camera binding and end up on an empty page. The only ting is the title that says Inbox > Camera Binding > Choose Thing, but there are no things to choose.

How shall I do to get the camera into openHAB?

(Thomas Binder) #96

Sorry for hijacking: I just bought this cam:
This camera supports ONVIF and I’d like to:

  • address the PTZ-presets
  • take snapshots
  • send them via OH2 regularly with some more information on sensors and an OH2 Status

I just scanned the thread here - and I didn’t find an answer if my camera is supported?

(Dave Nieweg) #97

As mentioned Milestone provides a free open SDK and API’s across the entire product line which is Essential+ (free up to 8 cameras), Express+ (up to 48 cameras / single site), Pro+ (unlimited cameras, recorders, and sites), and then Expert & Corporate which are for large installs. (Ignore the regular Express & Professional non-plus products as they are the older code-base)

Check out the feature matrix here:

Because you have access to the rule engine, any condition, status, or input can trigger an output (email being one of them). Milestone will be releasing a new Mobile SDK as well that allows the integration of video (live or stored) into apps, webpages, or other programs across many platforms (Windows, Linux, Web, Android, iOS, etc).

I just installed my first OpenHAB2 instance so I am looking forward to learning about it, as well as writing some plugins or integrations with my Milestone system.

(Dave Nieweg) #98

BTW - The Mobile SDK documentation is here:

(Thetmar) #99

Hello Dave,

I installed already over 7 years milestone systems for my work. There is no other camera system that works the same as Milestone. Im not an programmer im sorry… But as reseller i can do some tests if you want. Please let me know if i can do something. Kind regards.

(Jereme Guenther) #100

Milestone’s latest re-work making Essential+ the new free version is pretty awesome! It adds a lot of features to the free version which really make it stand head and shoulders above all the other offerings as long as you can live with that 8 camera limit.

I would love to see an openhab integration for it. I hope you get the time to do that.

(Yash Shah) #101

Hey @_Thomas ,
Can you please post your .items .sitemaps and .things configurations for this binding,
Thanks in Advance.

(Vadym Klymenko) #102

For HikVision, url is:

so, you should use this url:

and paste login and password in settings. Worked with my HikVision.

(Vadym Klymenko) #103


camera:camera:garage [ urlUsername="admin", urlPassword="yourpass", poll=5, urlVideo="", urlSnapshot="" ]


Image CameraGarage "Garage Camera" <camera> { channel="camera:camera:garage:image" }


sitemap default label="IP Camera"
	Frame label="Home" {
	    Text label="Garage Camera" icon="camera" {
					Image item=CameraGarage 

Define camera MJPEG stream as image item