Generic multi channel binding?


Is there a generic bi-directional multi-channel binding that I can use to connect my own event bus?

I have my own event bus written in C#. I would like to connect it to openhab bi-directionally. I browsed through the bindings but I could not find any that can be used as a generic programming interface to another program.
E.g. TCP binding does not seem to be capable of transporting multiple channels or would need one port per channel?! HTTP binding needs to open a HTTP stream per channel.
Since I am not proficient with Java I would not like to write my own binding.
Maybe serial binding can be used if I fake a serial connection? But documentation is too short to see if it can be used for multi-channel.
Can anyone point me to a binding that is easy to implement?

Best regards

This sort of thing is usually done using the MQTT binding in Event Bus mode. The Paho library is available in most languages and is dead simple to use.