Generic upgrade issues

I started to switch from OH2.5 to OH 3.2.0. I installed it on a synology docker, Installation and model generation worked well, but I cannot install any bindings. They load endlessly without any messages. I tried out a couple of workaround proposals I could find (for example, switch off remote repository access, clear the cache etc. ), but nothing helps. Where I can find a hint what happens?

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i see the same issue while updating from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1 - and backward and forward to 3.2.0
[t.core.internal.addons.AddonResource] - Exception while installing add-on: null - Setup, Configuration and Use / Installation - openHAB Community

This renders any update or downgrade actual useless.

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i cleared the issue - it was a java-options problem. Until now - it seems like the following options - i had put in for some reasons - i do not remember anylonger - does now “work”

-Dhttp.proxySet=true -Dhttp.proxyHost= -Dhttp.proxyPort=443 -Dhttp.nonProxyHosts=192.168.176.*|

Removing them solved the problem.

Where I can find those options? Sorry, I am not a Java specialist.

could you put your docker-compose file here? - then i will point it out

I found a file named “docker-compose” in /var/packages/Docker/target/usr/bin. But it is a 11MB bin file. I guess this is not what you need. Can you help me finding the right file? Thank you.

no. that would be the executable. I don’t know - how you start openhab - when its done via Docker you have two options - one - via commandline - two via docker-compose command - and then there should be a file named docker-compose.yml; When you use some frontend - then i’m off. I guess there is some sort of config - where Java-Options can be configured.

…hmm. I checked the complete volume with sudo find / -name “docker-compose.yml” (hope it is the right command), but no results were shown. Looking for all yml-files brings a whole bunch of files, but nothing is similar to “docker”

Found lots of info in this blog keep it up. Thanks for sharing.

I was lookiing for this solution, thanks for sharing it with us.

There also used to be instructions how to manually install openHABian on other Linuxes 17 that were not updated in time to reflect the openHAB 3 changes. They used to tell you to clone the stable branch. That was (and in fact still is) correct when you want to get openHAB 2 as it installs the environment for openHAB version 2.

Thanks for your valuable reply.

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