Genius Hub binding. (Heat Genius)


I’ve written a read only binding for the Heat Genius[1] smart heating system. Currently it just reports the temperature of zones.

Because it has schedules and presence detection and learning and works very well for me I don’t currently see the need to add setting room temperature yet but may add the ability to override in a later release.

It also has motion detection in all my rooms which I may also try to tap into as it may be useful.

My current problems are the inability of Heat Genius to release an API. One of the reasons I chose this system was they said that an API would be released soon. They have been saying this for 3 years+ and still nothing so I’ve reverse engineered the API. (Spoiler it’s “interesting”)

I’m posting this to gauge interest in me publishing this and cleaning it up for inclusion. I’ve written 3 bindings in the past month and am seeing which has the most interest for me to clean up first.

You can see the work on the geniishub_binding branch of

I’m interested in this, as I too was promised an api when I purchased the system.

I think they may have it on their beta programme, but I am yet to be given access.

Be good to see the work you’ve done - couldn’t see it in the github link, but I am relatively new to openhab (migrating from domoticz) so probably looking in the wrong place :slight_smile:


I’ll see if I can get this on the marketplace.

Have to be honest this isn’t going to get done this month. Off to conference next week the holidays for a week.

I’ve noticed that after their Twitter said they’d invite me to beta SDK group on 8th of Sept it gone quiet since then! No tweets! I’m not holding out much hope.

Brilliant - I’m not that hot on Java, but do software development by trade - so be great to be able to help out, if only by testing

You got one step further than me - I got directed to IFTTT :expressionless:

Enjoy your holidays

I have just been informed that the Genius Hub API will be released with 5.3 (expected around January 2018). They say they will publish docs, but can’t offer support which seems fair enough

Hmm… don’t hold out to much hope.

Who told you? I still haven’t got Beta access to the API.

I’m afraid the next thing I’ll be working on is not this probably.

Ah here is 2014!

I chased support after being given the “use IFTTT” line, and they came back with that - their concern seems to be having to support it, but if the docs are half decent and the api exposes enough this shouldn’t be an issue

Time will tell…

Hey all, I’ve just been made aware of this post - from ages ago - sorry for missing it!
Yes we’ve released our API and its all on our forum.
We have an online help forum which addresses this and other issues.
Please check out the user forum at
You can log in with your Genius Hub username and password.
There are many solutions to problems that have been resolved, and it is a great opportunity to discuss your system with other users, or our admins.