Geofence with OH Android App

Hi together,

are there any possibilities to use Geofence directly with the Openhab Android App?

Greets Peter

I think there is an issue open for it. At least for geotracking.

Don’t know how or if there has been any development on it.

There are lots of other ways to get geofences including OwnTracks, IFTTT, the iCloud Integration tutorial (soon to be a binding) for Apple devices, and Tasker with Autolocation on Android. Just realize that ALL of these solutions are IMHO, inadequate for many home automation uses like talking when someone is home.

I’ve used Owntracks in the past. But now i want to use an buildin feature to avoid using other Apps.

I’m sure the android app developers would welcome your contributions.


Nice feature to come !

Will there only be geofence possibility or location too?

Would be nice if i can see all my phones (in realtime) on a map inside OH2.