(Germany): 433MHZ remote power sockets/Funksteckdosen? (Intertechno, Brennenstuhl)

Hi there,

I’m looking for remote power sockets (Funksteckdosen) that are compatible with the RFXTRX433e out of the box. I’m using Intertechno IT-1500 but they are not available anymore.

Can anyone maybe suggest an alternative that works out of the box from amazn.de?


You can take a look to this list, devices compatible with openmqttgteway should be compatible with RFXTRX433e : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DdtVtSsN25nwP6BZI5q6C9yDGz37tUWjw2SQ1RGwBxU

Thanks, but there are not too many available.

Anyone else got a suggestion?

I’m using these.

Are they working with the RFXTRX433e?
Do you know if the other available sets also work? (4 outlets are cheaper than 3)

They do.

I would think so. I have used them for different IOT projects, with different transceivers like the CC1001, the RFXCOM and even the cheap chinese ones.