Get motion detection events from coolcam device

Platform information:

  • Hardware: Resp pi 4
  • OS: openhabian

Hi all
I just bind a motion detection device of NEO Coolcam.
The issue is that I am receiving information from the device of the Luminance Sensor and the Temperature Sensor but I do not receive any motion detection events or battery level.


The sensor is flashing when there is motion near it.
No log for the detection.
I added a rule for the detection that is not triggered either.
What can I do?
Maybe something with the definition of the sensor?

Thanks in advance,


Can you show the Item that you made for motion?

It should be something like this.

Switch MotionTrap "Movement stairs [MAP(]"     <motion>                            { channel="zwave:device:12345678:node23:alarm_motion" }

The item is in the home.items file:

Switch CoolcamSwitch "motionSwitch"

And I link this switch in the paperUI

You did not connect the channel
Change your Item to this.

Switch ColcamSwitch "motionSwitch [%s]"  { channel="zwave:device:3c6f39ad:node56:alarm_motion" }

OK I did it.
Still node56 not sending any events…

Can you check in Paper UI - Configuration - Items
if the Item is shown
Maybe you must delete the motion in Paper UI Configuration - Things
From the channels because you can declare an Item just once.

It does apears

I think the problem is more basic as I cannot see reports in the log. I can see only luminanceand temprature changes in the logs.

Did you meant to delete it from here?

Did you see this.
Yes delete from there

Try to unlink it - but the item is not deleted, I guess because it is defined in the home.items…

Ok that means it is declared on just one place.
It looks all OK. may-be you should try to delete the device in Configuration things (with the garbage bin)
and add it again

Thank a lot - that solve the problem!

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