Get OpenHab2 stored values

I read different values out of my electricity meter via Modbus TCP and save them with the help of rrd4j database, it also works wonderfully to create a chart out of it, now I would like to have a function where I can enter the date and time and the corresponding value eg Meter reading is displayed, unfortunately I know in no way how I can tackle that.

I hope someone can help me further.
Thanks to you

I think it might be possible but it’s going to be a while lot of work and it’s going to be ugly.

Search the forum for “alarm clock” for examples of what is needed to enter the date and time. Then it’s just a matter of triggering a rule when any of those items change, coverting them to a Joda DateTime, calling histiricState on the item using the DT, and updating the Item displayed on the sitemap with that historic value.