Get rid of old Z-Wave Nodes

During the process of setting up and testing various items on my zwave network I have ended up with various nodes that no longer exist,

My latest example is for my Fakro ZWS12 window actuator. Originally this was identified as Node 18 however after deleting this node from HABmin and then doing a network exclusion, followed by repeating discovery the ZWS12 is now Node 19.

What I am seeing is warning messages that the system is unable to delegate updates to Node 18. This is at the same time that a command is sent to Node 19 (which works).

How can I get rid of Node 18 as I am unable to find any reference to it in any of the settings or UI’s, etc…

Please post the message. I don’t think this is anything to do with the zwave binding - you might have old items still linked to the old node and this is likely a notification in ESH.

To delete old nodes, in HABmin, go to Thing Configuration, click on the device you want to remove. In the TOOLS menu on the right, select ADVANCED MODE. You will then see some new menu options in the TOOLS menu. One will move the device to the FAILED list, the other will delete it. The ZWave controller only allows you to delete devices that IT THINKS are failed, so you need to move the device to the FAILED list first (unless it’s already been moved there by the controller).

This doesn’t always work - especially for battery devices since the controller needs to be sure the device is FAILED.

Hmm, just checked and not sure I can do that as it does not appear in HABmin anymore. Looks like I missed the step of moving it to FAILED first.

Anyway, I think you are right it looks like a link from an old item that is now linked to the new node. But again I can’t see the link anywhere.

Message is below:

2016-06-27 21:27:42.210 [WARN ] [ome.core.thing.internal.ThingManager] - Cannot delegate update '100' for item 'Window1_GF_mancave' to handler for channel 'zwave:device:1541dc5a0e6:node18:switch_dimmer', because no thing with the UID 'zwave:device:1541dc5a0e6:node18' could be found.
2016-06-27 21:27:42.210 [WARN ] [ome.core.thing.internal.ThingManager] - Cannot delegate command '100' for item 'Window1_GF_mancave' to handler for channel 'zwave:device:1541dc5a0e6:node18:switch_dimmer', because no thing with the UID 'zwave:device:1541dc5a0e6:node18' could be found.

@Chris I should add that the linking for the items was done from HABmin in the Channels section. I would have thought that deleting the thing from HABmin would also remove the links, but maybe not??

Should I delete the links to Node 19, then delete the items and start again with new item’s with new names?

Unfortunately not - I raised an issue on this 6 months back…

Thanks @Chris, at least it not a big issue, but definitely nice to have some time in the future.

Not sure that will solve my current issue when implemented however.

Is there anywhere I can go to manual delete links so I can get rid of unecessary error messages or are these hidden away in databases?

Another option I guess is when I have finally finished development (hmmm not sure when this will be however), I should start with a fresh installation.

Why? Do you mean because now the links exist and they can’t be deleted?

It’s hidden in the database. There might be a command on the console - you could try the smarthome:links command.

Yes, there seems to be about 6 old links from my early set up where the items no longer exist which generate error messages. That said it does not affect the functionality in any way, I just want a tidy system.

I will looking into it further this weekend and see what I can do with smarthome:links.


Hi @MikeD

Any luck with deleting the old links? Somehow I managed to create 3 links for one item :open_mouth:

Power_Wohnzimmer_Main_Energy -> zwave:device:31f2ab7f:node31:meter_kwh Power_Wohnzimmer_Main_Energy -> zwave:device:ca65b5f8:node31:meter_kwh Power_Wohnzimmer_Main_Energy -> zwave:device:jk01:node31:meter_kwh

Yes, I have managed to get rid of them but not in an ideal way. This week due to another issue with a recent build of openHAB 2 I had to delete the mapDB file (where this is all stored) and then reinstall my items.

Fortunately, my system is still a development system so I only had to set up 7 things and the associated links.

Thanks, deleted my mapDB as well. Not ideal but at least it works …

I just figured out a slick way to do this by using this smarthome command I found in another post:
smarthome links removeChannelLink <itemName> <thingUID> - unlinks an item with a channel
Simply cut and past your item and channel info from the error into an Openhab equivalent command. Removing the first item posted by @MikeD would look like this:

smarthome:links removeChannelLink 'Window1_GF_mancave' 'zwave:device:1541dc5a0e6:node18:switch_dimmer'


Thank you. I had a bunch that needed removing.