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Hi all,

I am looking for an easy solution to get the on/off status of several water pumps, which are driven by non smart controller.

Possible solution so far:
Relais - Controller switch on the pump, the relais in between switch also and drive a GPIO
ESP with buck converter - ESP boot and sign into Wifi. If ESP is online, the pump ist running

Sonoff POW / Shelly seems a bit to complicated, because the operating voltage is also the switching voltage at the same time and the switch impulse comes not from the signal side.

Any ideas or real practises?
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What kind of pumps? Voltage? AC? DC? What are they for?

I use the Jasco 240V -40A Outdoor Appliance Module (45734), Which is a Z-Wave switch and monitoring for higher amp devices. (it also can be used on 110v as well).

Both my pumps are controlled by their own switches/controllers so I have these wired before those. I can use the AMP/Watt/PF monitoring on the Jasco to tell if the pumps are running. I also have my leak sensors programed to cut power to my well pump if a leak is detected.

Example configs I use

// Water Well
    // Notify if Well is Offline
    rule "rule_wellOffline"
            Item ZWave_SwitchBasementWell_Switch changed to "OFF"
            logInfo("security.rules", "Well went offline")
            Virtual_StatusErrorText.sendCommand("Well Offline")

    // Restore status when Well comes online
    rule "rule_wellOnline"
            Item ZWave_SwitchBasementWell_Switch changed to "ON"
            logInfo("security.rules", "Well went online")

    // Notify Well Running
    // Normal Operation is ~1540-1580 Watts
    rule "rule_wellStart"
            Item ZWave_SwitchBasementWell_ElectricMeterWatts changed from 0
            val watts = ZWave_SwitchBasementWell_ElectricMeterWatts.state as Number
            if (watts > 1400 ) {
                logInfo("security.rules", "Well running")
                Virtual_StatusAlertText.sendCommand("Well Running")

    // Notify Well Stopped
    rule "rule_wellStop"
            Item ZWave_SwitchBasementWell_ElectricMeterWatts changed to 0
            logInfo("security.rules", "Well Stopped")

As long as your WiFi signal is good at your water pumps, I don’t think you’ll find a cheaper solution than this.

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Hi Andrew

The pumps are regular water pumps 240V/AC for usage in heating installations like products from Grundfos or Wilo.

Did you cut the wiring of the pump and put the Jasco Module in between?

Thank for answering

Both had light switches installed before the pump so you could turn them off without going to the breaker panel. I replaced the dumb switch with the Jasco. But basically that is what the previous owner did, just cut the wires and installed the switch before.

Before we replaced our well pump a few months ago I had an extra rule too. If the wattage went above 1800 it would turn it off, wait 60 seconds and turn it back on. Our well motor was failing, and would stall out. When it stalled the watt consumed from jump from the ~1600 average to over 1800. I took that rule out since our new pump is more efficient and doesn’t stall. I also have similar rules for my sump. If the sump runs for more than 30-40 seconds it indicates a major failure in flooding, and if it exceeds a certain wattage it means my sump filter is clogged and pump is working harder to remove water. You can do some cool things by monitoring the average consumption.

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