Get/Store state of a Hue lightbulb

Yes, that’s what I’m trying to tell you.

The last update is the device reporting its state. I couldn’t tell you if that is in direct response to the last command, or a periodic report. Nor can I tell you if that is some final setting, or it is an in-progress report while it is still ramping to some new final setting. You’d need to find out more about your hue device.

What problem is this giving you?

The idea was to use the single light to indicate an alarm of some sort - UPS Low battery is my plan.

So as per the previous discussion:

Save the current state of the light
Flash the light through colours etc
Restore the previous state of the light.

In my case the light is a part of a room.

So if the room lights are on, the single lights does what is required - but does not get restored to the previous state and ends up as a different colour.

If the lights start off being off, when the lights are next turned on the single light is a different colour,

Your log shows you that the last command you send to the lamp is exactly the state that you began with.

What’s the relationship to these other Items churning about?

As the hue seems to be a slowcoach, the first thing I would try is taking much slower steps. It might be thinking about reporting current state when your rule comes along with another command.

Do you happen to have these up in your UI while this is going on? There was a weird UI bug that can turn display updates into extra commands. I don’t think that is happening, because you’d see extra commands in your log.

LoungeRoom_ is the Room, so the rest of the lights

Do you mean the Times of the 4 createTimer ?

No, I just have my test switch up.

I managed to get the revert to work if the lights are on - had to save the ColorTemperature state as well.

No luck however if the lights started off being turned off.

Looks like has something to do with he way HUE handles Rooms?