Get whether from German Deutscher Wetter Dienst

I have been using the weather binding for a while and I like the binding.
Unfortunately the data this binding is receiving from the service providers I have tested (Yahoo, OpenWeatherMap) is very bad with respect of forecast quality and sometimes utterly wrong.

I was wondering if someone has figured out how to use the “Deutscher Wetter Dienst”.
I would guess with regex, it would be possible to gather sensible information.
Some hints are provided at.

If someone has a working solution it would be great to provide some hints.

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I would like to see that too!
Especially the weather warnings!

I’m also interested.

Would be great. Yahoo weather provider is not so good for my place.

Any news about this?

As of today (25.07.2017) a revision of a statute happend,
GDS & FTP is the old way valid until end of 2017, the new way is to use
Announcement and Info:
Open Data: (german)
Site: (german)
Content Describtion:

Maybe it’s worth now to request a DWD weather binding?