Getting an 'unknown device' even though the thing is in the database: ACT ZRF113

I have 3 ACT ZRF113 devices on my Z-Wave network. A few weeks ago I learned that these devices were not in the database, so I added it: OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database

I understand that it is in the Z-Wave 3.0.0 build as of a couple of weeks ago. It is listed as an addon:

However it is not listed in the list of Z-Wave devices on this page:

network_f3e78c3a__node_101.xml (8.0 KB)

These devices still show up as ‘unknown’ for me. I’ve attached a typical .xml for the node. I have tried excluding them, and re-including them into the network but no change. They show up like this in the Thing inbox: Z-Wave Node 100 (0001:5246:3133:1.11)

It looks like the manufacturer, ID, and version number are correct. So I’m unclear why it isn’t being identified as in the database. Ideas?

Tae verion set in the database looks unusual. If it is the only entry we usually leave it set at “all” The major & minor versions of firmware are 2 separate numbers to I think it is looking for a minor version of 100 instead of 1. I will remove the version check & correct the warning.

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I was wondering about that too. Thanks. Will this take effect on the next snapshot?

The snapshot build after the next database export. I think it is usually exported to GitHub about once a week. It is currently a manual process.

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Success! Fixed in the latest snapshot. Thanks very much,