Getting an updated actual value from a Stella Z Thermostate (Z-Wave)

Hi there,

I am quite new to openhab an Z-Wave. Right now I have a small test environment consisting of an Aeonlabs Z-Stick Gen5, a Aeonlabs Mulitisensor 6 and a Stella Z thermostate.
Its running well (Getting values from the Multisensor and setting the setpoint of the thermostate), exept getting the actual value from the thermostate.
I do get an updated value, if I change the item definition (e.g. change the name of the item) but I stays constant until I change the item definition again.
So how do I get the current value each time the Thermostat wakes up? It seems to work once (so i think my definition ist ok) but not on a regular basis.

Here is my current item definition:

Number HeizIst "SZ Heizung Ist: [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (Heizung,Schlafzimmer,Temperatur,Aktor) { zwave="3:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_type=1" }

If I change e.g. HeizIst to Heiz_Ist, I get an updatet value the next time the Thermostate wakes up. It will stay the same (even if the Thermostate wakes up again) until I change it again (e.g. name it back)


You have to poll the value from the node.
Be aware that there might be a problem with the wakeup interval.
You can read more here:

Thx, it works :wink: