Getting and storing data from AEON HEM DSB09

I was looking for a real dumb beginner question category, but this is the closest.

As background I installed the hardware and wiring to connect a portable generator into my main panel using a lockout device to prevent back-feeding the grid. To better see what circuits I can use, to monitor the generator use, and dip a toe in home automation, I bought two Aeon HEMs, a Aeon Z-stick and a RPi. Without going into the saga of false starts and frustration, I now have openHAB running on the RPI with both the Z-stick and HEM identified in the paper UI. Whew!

I’m now lost on how to see the data, much less collect and store it over time. I have also apparently copied something to a clip board, but again don’t know how to open that. At this point I just want to see and collect the data and not do anything else.
Any help would be appreciated.

There are no real dumb beginner questions. Just beginner questions. This stuff is complicated.

Start here.

At this point, you can probably skip to the “User Interfaces” section.

Here is some documentation for important overall concepts.

Thanks. I had pretty much exhausted the first link, but the link on the concepts did the trick. I had needed to link the channels in the thing to items. The items now display the numbers. Figuring out how to store the numbers with a time stamp is the next step.
Again thanks

Persistence is what you want to look up next.

Thanks ! Although it appears the persistence section in the beginner is TBD. I’ll see what I can find elsewhere.