Getting basics to work (denon, myopenhab, Alexa)

Im still strying to get my new openhab2 system to work.
I just started exploring openhab but things are more complicated then I thought.

I finally got the denon binding to work (well it seems so).
Obviously openhab 1.x bindings are maintained different than the 2.0 ones.
Im still have problems with the item files.
Nevertheless Im looking forward.
For now I just want to turn on my AVR via Alexa as I did before with my old system (homeassistant).

I installed the denon binding and can control my AVR via web interface.
openhabcloud is running as well as myopenhab.
I exposed every item I could choos in the openhabcloud binding.
I also created a openhabcloud.cfg file and exposed “DenonPower” in it.
Unfortunately the only thing I see in myopenhab is my Yeelight.
The Alexa device recovery didnt find enything…

Am I missing something?
Getting information is complicated. There are so many instructions and there is only one thats up to date :confused:

You need to tag your item according to:

Switch KitchenLights "Kitchen Lights" <light> (gKitchen) [ "Lighting" ]

so the [ "Lighting" ] does the magic for Alexa. Another option is [ "Switchable" ]

You don’t need to expose any items, setting up a working openhab cloud is sufficient. AND you need to give the Alexa skill access to that cloud.

So basically reading the post in the link above should answer all your questions.

Thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:
Yeah after a few other alexa workarounds I of course found this as well.
(tried hue emulation and alexa binding.jar etc before).
Reading it now, after the configuration things get a bit clearer.
(I read something about the expose trough openhabcloud).

First things are working now :smiley:
I got stuck because the the of my items needs to be implemented before curly brackets.
That wasnt clear and I finally read it somewhere.
I configured my item like this first:

Switch DenonPower			"AVR Wohnzimmer"		[ "Switchable" ] {denon="avr3312#PW"}

what wont work.

Now it looks like this:

Switch DenonPower			"AVR Wohnzimmer"		 {denon="avr3312#PW"} [ "Switchable" ]

and works like a charm :slight_smile:

Unfortunately atm I just can expose items of bindings I installed manually or that are 1.x bindings (like denon).
I also have the yeelight binding I installed via paperui.
It looks like this in the control panel

I coundnt find any items of it in my conf folder but the one in the items section of paperui

So I tried to create a test.item with the following code

Switch  YeelightColorLEDBulb_Brightness  "Stehlampe" [ "Switchable" ]

Alexa will find the item and tries to switch it but nothing happens.
I dont know how to handle items generated by paperui bindings.
Here it says there should be a cfg file for paperui bindings but none of the installed has a config file.

I will continue with my research, maybe you can boost it a bit :blush:



Item created through PaperUI won’t get saved in any items file (instead the go to a JsonDB). Also, manually created text file items won’t show up on the PaperUI Control Panel. That is by design.

That is the right way to do it.

I guess you haven’t configured the binding correctly.

If no cfg. file is created automatically, just create it manually and do your setup to match the hardware to the binding.