Getting ERROR: 500 - Internal Server Error

Hi all,

I was setting up my openHAB zwave items and rules and I noticed that when I enter to edit a zwave thing I get an error:500 message and the parameters do not show. I am not sure what I did to break this. It was fine before. Also all my rules and items seem to work ok, it is just that I cannot go into the settings as shown in the screenshot. Any idea what to check?

Clear the cache on your browser or try a different browser? I have Chrome caching give me issues sometimes.

Check your OH version and Z-Wave binding version, if different. Also, do not use Paper UI to configure zwave devices, since it resends all configuration for the device, which can cause issues. Use Habmin, which was built for zwave.

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Do you know if they plan to fix this in the OH3 UI?

Yes… Paper UI and Habmin have both been removed. :slightly_smiling_face:

TMK, this issue was included in the list for the new UI, which I have not been following that closely.


I think this happened after I upgraded my Zwave binding to the latest one 2.5.2 manually so to include a new device I added in the DB.
Yes using HABmin is better! I didn’t know about it! Thanks

So is there a way to also fix paperUI or just wait until version 3 is out?