Getting my LG TV Connected & Switch & Info Question

Using openhab 2.5 m2. On a raspberryPi 3b.

I have my LG TV Connected to openhab. Works fine. Gives the info and functions I need. For input source there is a string item that displays the source, etc.
I created a few lines in my MAP file

But the log keeps raising an error claiming that it can’t find an entry in my map file. Its weird. the map file works fine with other items. I tried putting it between quotes but that did not help.

Now when I want to use this in a rule command to switch it to a different input, what is the syntax for that? i tried sendCommand( but the syntax checker tells me thats not a valid type for a string item.

someItem.sendCommand("") for a string item.

Syntax gets me everytime. This worked fine. Thanks.