Getting old OH2 Sitemap & HabPanel design into OH3

Hi all, Bindings installed & Things added and items etc all created through the new UI. Semantic model done and cards working well too. However, how do I integrate/migrate my nice old Sitemap (for my iPhone) and my nice HabPanel interface (for the iPad) into OH3? I dragged/copied the old OH2 Sitemap into the corresponding folder in OH3 (everything runs on Mac desktop folders). It’s viewable on iPhone but nothing actually works and many custom icons missing. In OH3 the items folder is empty since I recreated everything in the UI. Also, there’s no corresponding folder to drag my old HabPanel file into. I really need HabPanel layout back.
Also can’t figure how to get OH3 to ‘see’ or integrate my OH2 files for Transformations, Maps and Scales etc.
Thanks in advance

Hi all, solved most of it myself… it clicked for me this morning :roll_eyes:
So to help anybody/newbies having same issues, here’s the procedure:
When you add all your Things and create your Equipment and ITEMS from within the new OH3 UI, your ‘items’ folder within the ‘conf’ folder will be EMPTY (I actually don’t know where they get stored now!). Previously in OH2 this folder would have held your Items if you had added them via Text config files at that time. So when you drag over a copy of your old OH2 sitemap into OH3, all the items in it will have lost their linkage. This is because your new items created in the OH3 UI will likely have different/complex names. So you need to trawl through your sitemap which is now in OH3 and replace old item names with the new ones. Visual Studio Code is ideal for this.
I think the same idea will apply to HabPanel. You can export the config-json file representation from your previous OH2 HabPanel and then reimport that. However, you’ll only get the framework/layout and will have to relink your widgets again to their new corresponding items in OH3.
I still don’t know how to handle my nice custom icons and mappings etc… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Ye experts out there may smile at my long winded explanation but I like clarity… it can be hard to find in these forums where replies/answers can be terse since folk are busy or assume we know more than we do :grinning:
Hope this helps other newbies like myself. Also, please correct any errors/mistakes in above procedure.