Getting /rest/ URL list is slow

Hi All,
I have been looking at slow load of the sitemap on Habdroid (sometimes over 30 seconds). I have been seeing various problems for a while and have now had time to investigate. Now testing on 3.0.0. with a very simple (1 text item) sitemap, and no bindings, having previously gone through eliminating bindings step by step etc.

The problem I see is that when IPAddress/rest/ is called, it can take a lot of seconds to respond. In addition, despite having logging set to Trace, I see no log record for this call but I do see subsequent calls to /rest/sitemap in the log. I have elimiated many parts of the path, by testing via a command line on the server and issuing wget commands.Oh, and for testing I am using http not https.

Openhab is in Docker (official container) on a Synology NAS and CPU load is very low. Given that there are no other reports of this issue that I have been able to locate, my suspicion is that it is not an Openhab problem, but the operating environment. The question is what, and how to locate.

Any ideas and words of wisdom would be appreciated!

A few days ago an other post stated that some requests seem to be slow.
In that post the user stated that the basic authentication of the reverse proxy seem to be a problem.
Do you use a reverse proxy with basic authentication ?

No proxy is used. The test setup is as simple at it can be:
Comand line: wget localhost:port/rest/ --> Docker --> Openhab
Container networking is in host mode.

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