Getting rid of the page header?


I just started with the Main UI configuration for a wallmounted tablet. Since I don’t need the full UI on that tablet, I would like to only show one tabbed page. Since the screensize is very small, i don’t need the menu on the left, or the red header (see screenshot).
Is there a way to remove the header and only show one single page?


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Hi Dex, welcome to the forums.

In f7 parlance, that header space at the top of the page is the Navbar. To hide it you need use the code button in the page editor and then add

hideNavbar: true

under the page config (the config options right at the top of the code).

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Thanks for your answer. It doesn’t work right now, but you put me onto the right path. Seems like I need to upgrade to the next milestone build for it to work.

Any news on this? Tabbeg pages seems still not possible to hide the navigation bar.


I can hide the top bar on layout pages, but not on tabbed pages.
I’m using those pages on a wall mounted tablet too.

Same Problem here, on tabbed pages hideNavbar: true not working, showFullscreenIcon: true and sidebar: false takes also no effect.