Getting Started: Creating Binding

Can anybody point me to any tutorials/guides/blogs about how to create a binding? I’m looking at making some changes to an existing binding to better suit my needs but I first must understand the framework in which bindings are built.

Thanks for your time!


You will want to fork the openhab repository on github, and clone your fork onto your local computer.

Then you will want to create a branch that will contain your changes.

The follow these instructions:

Test and document your changes.

If you want to share your changes, push your committed branch back to your repo at github, and in the github web interface, submit a pull request.

That’s the high-level of it anyway.

Thanks for sharing this info. I’ll give it a look over soon.
If I’m not capable of making the changes myself, what is the standard etiquette in asking the binding creator to make the change in a future release?


I suppose you would discuss the proposed change here, soliciting comments from interested parties. When it seems like a clear need is defined, you would open an issue in github that a contributor could take up and create a matching pull request that implements the change. It would be up to a project owner to review or reject the proposed change for inclusion in the main repo. Of course there would nothing stopping you from using an unapproved change, aside from the inconvenience of having diverged from the main project. There may be a better approach, but I don’t know what it would be.

Thanks again for all this great insight. It helps me a lot. I’m a programmer / IT admin but haven’t had too much exposure to the open source world yet.