Getting started with Enocean devices (configuration)


I have already a running zwave configuration with openHAB 1.7.1. Now I tried to get the enocean binding and a first device to work.

I Have a raspberry 2 with an BSC EnOcean USB 300 USB-Gateway 868MHz / TCM310 plugged to the usb port. The Enocean binding is added to the addons directory.

In openhab.cfg I made the entry

In openhab.log I find this entry:
2016-01-10 15:17:08.168 [INFO ] [.e.internal.bus.EnoceanBinding] - Connecting to Enocean [serialPort=’/dev/ttyUSB0’ ].

Next I want to add a new device: Eltako FTK (door/window contact). The ID printed on the device is ID:19AA992.

I defined the following item:
Contact Bedroom_Contact “Fenster Schlafzimmer” (groupGF_Bedroom) {enocean="{id=19:AA:99:02, eep=D5:00:01, parameter=CONTACT_STATE:closed}"}

Did I enter the right ID in the item definition? Or must it be for example id=01:9A:A9:92?

How do I have to connect the new device to the controller? Is there something similar to the zwave teach in in enocean? And how would I do this?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Hi Andreas, hi all,

i use USB 300 Gateway too. And in the log only the two lines appear:

i search for help an found that additional lines:
18:01:42.877 [INFO ] [org.opencean.core.ESP3Host :15 ] - Received RadioPacket with value Down
18:01:42.882 [DEBUG] [.e.internal.bus.EnoceanBinding:276 ] - Received new value Down for device at EnoceanParameter: {id=“00:14:94:19”, parameter=“CONTACT_STATE”}

…has to appear. But i get no message from ESP3Host. Is there any help for this?
I installed EnOceanSpy and there i get the correct output from the USB device.


i fixed it!

Because i had /dev/ttyAMA0 for the RazBerry Z-Wave Board and /dev/ttyUSB0 for the Enocean USB 300 Stick - i have to edit the JAVA_ARGS_DEFAULT section in init.d/openhab and/or e.g. to recognize both serial ports: \

now it works fine!

I tried your suggestion. But I didn’t got any further with the device.

I also tried EnOceanSpy, getting this output:
Starting EnOceanSpy…
2016-01-15 17:38:50 55 00 07 07 01 7A D5 09 01 9A A9 92 00 01 FF FF FF FF 5C 00 53
2016-01-15 17:38:51 55 00 07 07 01 7A D5 08 01 9A A9 92 00 01 FF FF FF FF 5B 00 AC

These events I get subsequently each time I use the device. But there are no events in openHAB.

The bold ID is probably the ID of the device as mentioned above. I use this in the item definition.
Contact Bedroom_Contact “Fenster Schlafzimmer” (groupGF_Bedroom) {enocean="{id=01:9A:A9:92, eep=D5:00:01, parameter=CONTACT_STATE:closed}"}

Any ideas what I can look for?

In the wiki you can read to EEP D5:00:01: “Soon supported”. Last edit of this wiki was in may '14. I don’t know if these contact sensors are supportet yet.

Finally I got it!

With openHAB 1.8.3 and a little change in the item definition it works:
Contact Bedroom_Contact “Fenster Schlafzimmer” (groupGF_Bedroom) {enocean="{id=01:9A:A9:92, eep=D5:00:01, parameter=CONTACT_STATE:closed}"}

Contact Bedroom_Contact “Fenster Schlafzimmer” (groupGF_Bedroom) {enocean="{id=01:9A:A9:92, eep=D5:00:01, parameter=CONTACT_STATE}"}

i was facing the same issue, with the adapted item configuration it works.
Please be aware not immediately, i had to restart openhab before events properly generated!