Getting started with Smart Meter

Hi All,

I’ve a Raspberry Pi running openhabian (openhab 3) connected to my P1 smart meter, but I’m kind of lost on how to configure things as I’m quite new to openhab

So far I:

  • Added a bridge thing manually dsmr:dsmrbridge
  • Scanned for things
  • Added those so I now have the following available:

Is there any walktrough available for a smart meter?
I would like to have a chart with the last 24hour data of electricity and gas usage, where do I start?

Kind regards

There’s a docu on it:

If you assigned items to the channels, they normally are persisted automatically in OH3 and you’re able to get a standard chart out of it, if you open the item.
If you’re keen on having a chart available, please see the built-in chart functionality of OH3 with “pages”

just play around a bit, and come back with specific questions, if they arise.

Thanks, took a while before I found some time to fiddle;
I now have the DSMR binding up and running and found out how to make simple line charts on the openhab 3 homepage, one thing I cant find is

How to to show gas usage like electricity usage?
With electricity there is a ‘current usage’ thing, with gas there is only a ‘total m3 gas used ever’ thing.

Found that some do it by creating intermediate things; like a ‘previous m3 value’ thing and a ‘current usage’ thing that is updated by a trigger on the ‘total m3’ thing. Is this the easiest/best solution?
Surely I’m overlooking something simple?