Getting up at running

Hi Team

Could some one please point me to the place where I can read about how to get an UI up and running :wink: Thanks.

I have installed OH2, it is working, I have my HUE and Sonos up and running. I have have stuff defined in Paper UI, and can turn light on and off, and controll my Sonos. But is hard to see how this becomes an end user UI.

Read somewhere that Paper UI is an admin interface, and not a place to create User interfaces !?!
What to use in stead ?

Then I have read about the demo - but it looks like that is for OH1, and I have not been able to find a place that describes how to implement this in OH2…

Could some please give some pointers to move ahead. I need a UI up and running, so I can work with my MQTT, zWave,…


Joern or

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Thanks for the links… got demo up and running at my local pc… lots of interesting stuff here.

I have now created my own sitemap, but is having hard time to reach it. Getting a error 404 ‘Not found’… can some one come with a clue :wink:

Raspberry pi.
Standard OH2 install
server:8080 works fine.

in /etc/openhab2 I have the config files.
in /etc/openhab2/sitemaps/ have I placed the file test.sitemap
test.sitemap contains:
sitemap test label=“test Menu”
both gives 404 error… I have also tried with test.sitemap

I would have expected a blank page, or error page.

Some have a clue ? Thanks.


What does PaperUI show on Cofiguration/Services/UI??
Only the UIs that show there can be reached!
For BasicUI it should be this adress


My stupid idea: you know that you have to replace “server” with your actual server ip or network name of the server?
Just in case …
A local adress on your LAN f.e. could be:

Thanks Jørgen…
That did the trick…

So, now on with the sitemap…


You are not supposed to build the URL yourself.
Just connect to http://server:8080 and click “Basic UI”. If you are shown the wrong sitemap you need to define the correct default sitemap under Configuration->Services->BasicUI in PaperUI.

Thanks - works…

Guess when I’m done here, we will have the howto for dummies…