Getting updates

Context - I’m waiting for support for the Aeotec smart switch 7 which is mentioned as being worked on in another post. This isn’t a request/demand for that to arrive right now.

I’m just checking on a couple of assumptions
i) that when a device is added to the database it’s picked up with a normal update and
ii) that using the update in openHABian will get that update


When the database is updated, the next time the binding is built the updates to the DB are included. That usually occurs once a week IIRC. After that, the updates will be part of the next daily snapshot.

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The database shows it was last approved on March 26 and exported on March 28 so the snapshot bindings should have that device.

Usually the script is the easiest way of manually installing the snapshot binding. The README has the manual instructions.
Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

After updating you may need to delete the Thing from OH (NOT exclude from the network) and rediscover & add to OH to get the new settings.

I’m not convinced about that part. If you selected stable release 3.0, you won’t get an update until stable 3.1 exists, unless you take manual action.

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The Z-Wave device database updates much more often than OH.

In fact there was an undetected problem resolved soon after 3.0.1 was released that means the 3.0.1 binding has an old copy of the database.

Using the script referenced in that example - it seems to think there’s 2.5 on there. It’s a clean install with 3.0.

Script version: 1.2.8

 *****     SUMMARY     *****     

Addons path: /usr/share/openhab/addons
openHAB account: openhabian
Requested action: Install or upgrade Z-Wave binding
Current openHAB snapshot version: 2.5.12
Requested Z-Wave version: openHAB snapshot

Is this correct?

  1. Yes, start now
  2. No, take me back to the first menu
  3. Exit
    #? 1

Uninstalling any managed binding(s) and installing serial transport…
… if prompted for a password for the Karaf console, the default password is ‘habopen’…

Logging in as openhab
… a ‘No matching bundles’ error mesage is normal, if a binding had not been previously installed.

Backing up and uninstalling any unmanaged installs of Z-Wave…

OK Uninstall the zwave binding & put the jar file in your addons folder. OH will install it but it will not show as an installed binding in the binding list. I would remove it & reinstall the zwave binding before upgrading.

Here is the 3.x snapshot jar.

OK - so I’m probably being incredibly dense here (note that I started with OH3 - so if it’s not via the GUI I have no experience)
I uninstalled the z-wave binding
Put the jar file in the add-ons
Rebooted the machine
The available bindings for the ‘add bindings’ screen still shows 3.0.1
Bonus however - the existing switches etc still work :slight_smile: I was a little worried about that.

Edit: Updating to the snapshot release picked it up though

It will not appear on the “add bindings” screen either. It is automatically installed and the UI knows nothing about it.
You may need to delete the Thing from OH ( NOT exclude from the network) and rediscover / add to OH to get the new settings.