Ghost Channel

I’ve created an item through Paper UI and linked some channels to it. I made a mistake in transformation and typed in $JSONPATH:$.color_temp. I’ve subsequently removed the item. Even cleared the cache and temp folders but I still get in the log file Transformation service $JSONPATH for pattern $.color_temp not found!
But I had on items that use this feature. How do I track it down and remove the stranggler?

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Item or Thing? How do you define your Items, .items files? How do you define your Things?

This particular one I’ve defined as a thing through paper UI. Associated items through files. Since then I’ve removed it from paper ui and deleted the item definition. I made a mistake (spelling) in the transform when originally defining the item and this throws this warning. What I don’t understand is, why is the warning thrown, I’ve removed the thing and item definition. It looks like it’s reacting to mqtt message and trying to transform it but this device is no longer associated with Openhab just sends it’s messages to MQTT server that is external and openhab should not watch its topic anymore.
Since I’ve deleted the thing and items I’ve cleared cache for openhab and restarted it a few times.

Grep through the JSONDB files for that transform to see if there is some remnant of it hanging around somewhere.

Oh Thank you, indeed that was the problem :slight_smile: Sorted Now