Ghost hue lamps after update breaking hue control

Hi all,

after updating to the latest nightly build #385 I have double entries within the paperUI and also German special characters seem to have a problem. I don’t know if it is the build or if my update procedure is wrong. It also seems I can’t delete the “ghost lamps”.
Hue lamps are not functioning anymore from basicUI most likely caused by those ghosts.

For update (Windows 10) I stop openhab and delete the runtime folder and the content of the userdata/cache and userdata/tmp folder. Then I extract the build to the openhub directory overiding everything. Then I copy my backuped addons.cfg and runtime.cfg to the updated openhab folder and restart openhab.

Di I miss something?


Maybe this? It explains the duplicate entries, the umlaut problem is probably unrelated, though.

Kai thanks for pointing me to this new change which sounds great. However I still can’t remove those “ghosts” within the paperUI

Next to the update procedure in my first post I also deleted all lights within the .items file and deleted all lamps and the bridge within the paperUI and restarted openHAB but still I have those ghosts. I don’t use a Things file. Sorry for my newbisch question but what else do I need to delete to get rid of them?


If a thing is in “REMOVING” status, you should be able to simply click the trash icon a second time and you should be asked if you really want to remove it. Have you tried that?

Ok I feel dumb now :stuck_out_tongue:

That did the trick thx Kai!