Ghost switch - How to find reason for it turning on by itself?

I have a sonoff 4Ch Pro which I have reflashed with Tasmota and integrated into Openhab3 through MQTT. All works fine except one channel on the 4CH Pro switches itself on every night and I can’t figure out why. I have no rules/scripts assigned to that device/channel. There is no Timer configured in the Tasmota firmware. It just turns itself on.

I’ve gone into the logs (openhabian:9001) but it only shows the tail so a search for the switch doesn’t reveal anything. Is there a way to view the entire log over a set period?

Any ideas on how I can track this “ghost” down?

As openhab is event based, there is no specific way to know where the event is coming from.

You can

  1. unlink the item from the channel to see if the change is initiate by OH it by the device
  2. delete the item and see if any word messages coming up at the time the item is magically changing
  3. in the past weeks there were similar questions in the forum and a few of them were cause by OH instance published to the internet & not beeing secured. Therefore dentist in the world could control and change items. Maybe check your setup

Have a look at this

It could be the same problem.

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