Ginlong or Microlyte solar inverter monitoring

I am trying to read data from Microlyte inverter. The design of the inverter is very close to the design of the Ginlong Solis solar inverter.

Microlyte and Solis solar inverter provide the RS485 interface to connect to the external world. I tried to connect Microlyte inverter with Pi using RS485 to USB serial converter, tried to read data through Modbus and serial interface but couldn’t get anything.

RS485 to USB converter

RS485 to USB serial converter

Could you please guide me on the above issue?


I’m also interested to know if there is any possibility to read any data using the RS485 communication port, I usually use ESP8266 for this purpose, and send the data via wifi to my smart home controller, but I’m ok with a raspberry pi too if it can’t be made using ESP8266

I just purchased an Solis 3.6k 2G on grid inverter and I really want to monitor it , until I find a way to communicate with it trough the RS485 port I will use an PZEM-004T sensor toghether with an ESP8266 to monitor the AC wire, with the PZEM sensor I can monitor the voltage and amperage on the AC circuit.

Thank you in advance for any hints or informations.

Don’t know if you solved this but jeelabs/esp-link will take the PZEM-004T input. Am trying to get mine to work but I know it will read the serial link.

Realised a few hours later that Tasmota supports PZEM-004T. Selected Generic and then PZEM Send for the TX pin and PZEM Receive for Rx and it works fine. Items are…

Number Electricity_POW_T "Energy kWh" (FirstFloor, Energy) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:tele/sonoff-pzem/SENSOR:state:JSONPATH($.ENERGY.Total)],<[mosquitto:stat/sonoff-pzem//STATUS8:state:JSONPATH($.StatusPWR.Total)]"}
Number Electricity_POW_YDay "Energy Yesterday" (FirstFloor, Energy) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:tele/sonoff-pzem/SENSOR:state:JSONPATH($.ENERGY.Yesterday)],<[mosquitto:stat/sonoff-pzem//STATUS8:state:JSONPATH($.StatusPWR.Yesterday)]"}
Number Electricity_POW_Day "Energy Today" (FirstFloor, Energy) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:tele/sonoff-pzem/SENSOR:state:JSONPATH($.ENERGY.Today)],<[mosquitto:stat/sonoff-pzem//STATUS8:state:JSONPATH($.StatusPWR.Today)]"}
Number Electricity_POW_P "Energy Power" (FirstFloor, Energy) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:tele/sonoff-pzem/SENSOR:state:JSONPATH($.ENERGY.Power)],<[mosquitto:stat/sonoff-pzem//STATUS8:state:JSONPATH($.StatusPWR.Power)]"}
Number Electricity_POW_A "Energy Current" (FirstFloor, Energy) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:tele/sonoff-pzem/SENSOR:state:JSONPATH($.ENERGY.Current)],<[mosquitto:stat/sonoff-pzem//STATUS8:state:JSONPATH($.StatusPWR.Current)]"}
Number Electricity_POW_V "Energy Voltage" (FirstFloor, Energy) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:tele/sonoff-pzem/SENSOR:state:JSONPATH($.ENERGY.Voltage)],<[mosquitto:stat/sonoff-pzem//STATUS8:state:JSONPATH($.StatusPWR.Voltage)]"}


		Text item=Electricity_POW_T label="Energy Total [%.1f kWh]" icon="Energy"
		Text item=Electricity_POW_YDay label="Energy Yesterday [%.1f kWh]" icon="Energy"
		Text item=Electricity_POW_Day label="Energy Today [%.1f kWh]" icon="Energy"
		Text item=Electricity_POW_P label="Energy Power [%.1f W]" icon="Energy"
		Text item=Electricity_POW_A label="Energy Current [%.1f A]" icon="Energy"
		Text item=Electricity_POW_V label="Energy Voltage [%.1f V]" icon="Energy"