Gledopto RGB CCT


I want to buy a RGB CCT Controller from Gledopto. My ZigBee devices run over ZigBee2mqtt and there ist a 1ID and 2ID Controller.

With Controller should I buy?

1ID Controller vs. 2ID Controller
The 1ID controller shows up as one light in the Philips Hue app. This means that it can be controlled as being one light just in the same way as a regular Philips Hue light strip. This is convenient when using it with voice control (Alexa/Google Home). The disadvantage is that you cannot turn on both the colored LEDs and the White LEDs at the same time.
The 2ID controller shows up as TWO lights in the Philips Hue app. This is different from a regular Philips Hue light strip. The advantage of this is that you can turn on both the colored AND the white LEDs at the same time, allowing for more light output and control of saturation. The disadvantage is that it can be inconvenient when using voice control (Alexa/Google Home) as you need to control two sepparate lights.

Any reason to not use our Zigbee binding? Why add the complexity of MQTT?

ZigBee2mqtt works with my Xiaomi, Tradfri and Hue components, so I can put the original Gateways away.

If you can write a rule with OH as a workaround for this disadvantage then I would go with the 2ID.

I use the Gledopto with the Zigbee binding. Dimmer and hue work great, colour however does not work. :wink:

@chris, is this expected?

No - colour should work fine. I’m not sure what this device is, but if it’s a standard ZigBee colour bulb, then it should work fine - it’s tested on a lot of different bulbs.

Maybe it’s worth exploring what that means exactly since in ZigBee, a bulbs colour is set either using hue commands, or XY commands. If hue commands work, then this is setting the colour, so I don’t really understand the comment.

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Hi @chris

First and foremost: I don´t want to hijack this thread. If necesarry, I could make a new one :smile:

I have the Gledopto GL-C-008. In Paper UI I got two channels, Color Temperature (dimmer) and Color (color). The Color channel is used for dimming the lights, Color Temperature for changing the color of the LED.

When I use a setpoint for the Color Temperature channel, the hue of the white LED´s change (warm/cold). Whenever I use a colorpicker fot this channel (in order to change the RGB), I get the following error:

Received HTTP POST request at 'items/SKJ_LEDstrip_colour' with an invalid status value '353.411774,100.000000,100.000000'.

In the debug log, the following appeared when joining:

[WARN ] [.converter.ZigBeeConverterColorColor] - 00124B001D84ECC4: Cannot determine whether device supports RGB color. Assuming it supports HUE/SAT

For a test, I paired the device to a Hue hub. The Hue hub allowed me to change the color (RGB).

Like when Item (Bulb1 - Color) changed to on, then Item (Bulb2 - CCT) changed to off?

That could be a easy solution.

Yep, that would work. :wink: