Global cache binding?


Just wondered if there is a GC-binding for either openhab 1 or 2?
I found the GC100-binding wiki on github, but don’t see any plugin/addon to download.

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It’s not in a release yet, but you could grab the JAR file here.

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Be aware of this issue, too:

Hi @watou

I am facing error org.codehaus.jackson package missing

for global cache , the binding is not getting loaded

my openhab version is 1.7.0

any idea what does it is missing


I doubt that the gc100ir binding was tested against OH 1.7.0. There was an old change regarding access to the jackson libs, and there might have been other changes back then that make the difference whether this binding will find its required libraries.

My recommendation, which might not be workable for you, would be to upgrade your openHAB to either 1.8.3 or 2.0.b4.