Global Items - Is it a thing?

I’ve been trying to search the forums for a definitive answer without luck. Can I create an item file and use those items globally throughout various rule files? Right now I have certain items, for example light sensor input via the http binding, that are used across multiple rule files. Each rule files associated item file has a repeat of the same item, is this necessary?
If global items aren’t a thing, is there a workaround someone has ingeniously come up with to share item states across multiple rule configuration files?

Not only unnecessary, but wrong. Rules files don’t have associated Items files, there are just Items which might be created by one or several files with names of your choice, or by paperUI. These Items can be seen and manipulated by any rules, i.e. they are global, and as such each should be unique i.e. only defined in one place.

Oh that’s funny, I was building my setup based on some demo example (not sure if it was the official demo or something I came across elsewhere) and there were items files and correspondingly named rules files for each one and I assumed this was the standard method. You know, during my research I couldn’t find a clear answer to this question but maybe the question is more obscure than I thought. Thanks, that really simplifies things!

It’s usually very convenient to manage rules and items by splitting into sensibly named files.

Be wary of the many OH1 examples (which may not say OH1) on the web that may include pitfalls for new OH2 users.

I’m actually still on OH1. Been planning on switching over, but it’s like getting rid of my favourite shirt - it still fits and I’m afraid of change.