Gmail smtp server "shutdown" - alternatives

Hello all,
unfortunately google has disabled the “less secure apps” feature on May 30, 2022. Since then you can not send emails from OpenHAB via SMTP. I wanted to ask you guys what you use as an alternative to the gmail smtp server.
I am a bit undecided which one to use, not that the whole thing will work for a short time.


I use (office/Microsoft) smtp servers for all my server apps.

It still works: you need to acivate 2FA and use an App Password for your email config.

If you have two-factor auth (TFA) enabled on your Gmail account then you can generate an App password that openHAB can use. If you don’t have TFA enabled, you should go enable it right now anyway. See How to configure the Mail Binding to use GMail for sending email from openHAB for instructions.


I completely forgot about that. I should have said in my option the same would have to be done.

great, thanks a lot that worked :slight_smile:

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