Good solution for smoke detectors

I’ve been searching the whole internet for smoke detectors which can be integrated in openHAB (Homekit would also be ok) - without success. Coud you please submit your ideas?

The solution needs to meet the following requirements:

  • smoke AND heat detector
  • wireless (WLAN, Bluetooth, 868MHz, zigbee), but not Z-Wave
  • 5-10 years battery life
  • battery status visible in openHAB
  • EN 14604
  • if 868/IP-gateway is available, it should work without internet access
  • detectors need to have repeating capabilities as I do not want to install several standalone repeaters

My research so far:

  • There are tons of 868 MHz devices out there which also have an IP gateway but they are all lacking a solution to include in openHAB
  • Heinman zigbee: very bad critics, many false alarms
  • Netatmo: no EN14604
  • Eve: very limited range due to bluetooth 4.0
  • Shelly v2: not yet available
  • Telekom detector (dect) in combination with fritzbox: no battery status, very ugly, plus probably some more problems
  • Bosch incl. Bosch Smart home controller: binding available for iobroker
  • plus many many other (visortech, gira, hager, hekatron, …) where I do not see a chance to integrate into openHAB

Repeating what, the communications? That would require each unit to be on-air fulltime … operates against “5-10 years battery life”.

Not true.
One of hundreds of examples:
10 years battery and repeating function

probably you have a different repeating function in mind which ist not what we are talking of related to smoke detectors.

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the question is, how important battery life and -information really is for your project.
If batteries really last for about 10 years, I think the acoustic information once every 10 years should be acceptable. There is a possibility, to easily solder a Zigbee door sensor (like an Aqara) into one of the cheap synching smoke detectors. In case of an alarm, the door sensor sends a signal to OpenHab.
The video is in German, but I think, everyone can understand, what’s done based on the video.

Mksmarthouse made his own mqtt enabled sensors which can make your old smoke detectors smart.

He sells them on his site as well.

Fireangle has different type of detectors and can be expanded with different radio modules.

Hi Oliver I am hoping to use modbus but find some of the the stuff silly prices.
Fire alarms one can’t mess with though as your insurance company will get all upset if you make a claim whilst using home-made fire alarms! What I am proposing to do is add some simple logic to an existing (approved) smoke detector. It will monitor the flashing led to see it flashes once a minute, and give an active pull-down in the event of an alarm. It will also provide 9V d.c. I plan to fit this into the battery space. It will be wired with a three wire cable to an input board, and supplied with 12 Volts. The neat thing is if the monitoring fails the alarm still functions as a normal smoke alarm and the siren sounds.
I am NOT putting timelines on this, but I can knock out an extra one if it is of use for you.

Thanks to all of you. Very disappointing that there is no standard way of integrating smoke detectors. I thought we are in 2020, not in 1980s…
I probably go for Netatmo (Homekit)…

did you have a look at homematic ip??

  • Homematic IP Rauchwarnmelder HmIP-SWSD mit 10-Jahres-Lithium-Batterie für Smart Home

…i use them for myself, should fulfill most of you requests… but not an open standard (can be used without cloud)

Our wireless smoke detectors are tied into our DSC alarm system.

The DSC connects to openHAB with the excellent DSC binding.

For me, this has been the most reliable method because it takes the reliability of a professional alarm system and combines it with the flexiblity of openhab. In the 3-4 years running this setup, I’ve never missed any smoke alarms (all false alarms thankfully).

Obviously it won’t work for everyone, but I wanted to throw out this great option as a possibility and sing praises for OH.

Netatmo btw is EN14604 compliant …