Google Asisstant not synching anymore

Hi All,

maybe i missed something, but these items are notbeing synched to Google Home anymore.
Rollershutter enocean_rollershutter_e61a7239_rollershutter “Rollo Wohnzimmer” [“Blinds”] {channel=“enocean:rollershutter:FT1SEVMK:0509360D:rollershutter”}
Rollershutter enocean_rollershutter_17670150_rollershutter “Rollo Bad” (Bad_EG) {channel=“enocean:rollershutter:FT1SEVMK:050B306C:rollershutter”}
Rollershutter enocean_rollershutter_321e8d6e_rollershutter “Rollo Büro” (Buero) [“Blinds”] {channel=“enocean:rollershutter:FT1SEVMK:05093710:rollershutter”}
Rollershutter enocean_rollershutter_dc34473b_rollershutter “Rollo Diele” [“Blinds”] {channel=“enocean:rollershutter:FT1SEVMK:05093584:rollershutter”}

Have they changed anything at Google?



Nope, things changed here. If you haven’t visited in awhile, you would have missed it. You’ll need to swap out the tags for metadata, then resync to Google Assistant.

@rpwong thanks for pointing me there!
This is an prime example of rtfm;)
It does work now.

Maybe you can also give me a hint why opening the blinds with a percentage command is not available or working? It actually never worked but could this be the enocean device at the end or do I miss it in the config?

Sorry, no idea about that as I don’t have any blinds.