Google Assistant can't be connected to OH3

Hey everyone!
I had the problem that google assitant added much to many items. so i decided to delete the connection and reconnect everything for a fresh setup. Bad idea. Now i am not able to connect openhab in google again. One time i was able to log in with username and password and since then i get the message:

“Die Einstellung konnte nicht aktualisiert werden. Bitte prüfe deine Verbindung.”

it means something like:
“The setting can’t be updated. please check your connection.”

I found this message related to many google integrations so i think its problem with google and not with openhab.

Had anybody the same problem and an idea how to solve it?

Hi Dennis, I’m facing the same issue. Did you get any further on this?

No. I realy tried anything. I deleted all connections in both directions and tried it from my wifes device.
I also reinstalled all apps and cleared all appdata several times.
The problem seems to accure with several google addons. So it is not a problem with openhab i guess.

I just resolved my issue after hours of frustration.

Apparently, all items should have a label in the GUI or items files. I somehow missed that requirement. Hope that works for you too.

I removed all tags and started with only one. After that i noticed that once i added the ones without the label in the files it broke the handshake or something with google (don’t know how it works in the backend).

After i checked 213 Items i found 4 without a Label. After i added them, everything works fine!

There was a development in Google Assistant connection when Google announced much more device configs and new version requires labelling. It was compatible backwards in 2.x.x.

Now i have the problem that google creates much to many items for every point of lightgroups i set up in the model page. There are no Metadata for google set but the items apear anyway.

My solution gor this is to create a second home in the google home app and attache all false items to that second home.

Do you have tags in your items for Alexa? If so, the GA integration will pick those up if there’s no metadata.

No, i didn’t add any tags.

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