Google Assistant check

Hi guys, I have few questions:

I’ve a few items that I want to check if I turned them ON/OFF using Google Asisstant it is possible to know how I turn on the switch VIA the Basic UI, or with Google Assistant?
I need to check this because I want to do when I turn on any item it will say the item status, example I turned on the lights, if I made it from the Basic UI - ‘say(“Lights ON”)’ just for example…

2nd question:
I’ve a few Xiaomi Window/Door sensor, and when I open/close the window, it’s need to do a few thing, the problem is when I Close the window here is what happand (Close,Open,Close) for one second the sensor think it’s open then close it again, I hope with my english I made it clear…
anyway, there is any thing I can do about it? Like time or something?

Thanks to any one who puts time for me !

First things first
One question per topic, please

Help with your first question:

Open another thread with your second question
Don’t forget to add a topic to your thread

[quote=“vzorglub, post:2, topic:83114”]
Approach 3: Proxy Items

I tried Approach 3 Proxy Items, And I can’t define where do I turn on the lights, I tried to turn on the lights manually but nothgin pop up, look at my codes, I changed it when I turn on the lights manually it’s need to sms me.

sorry for the messy code

rule “Light control received command”
Member of LightControls received command
// Get access to all the relevant Items
val lightName ="").get(0)
val source ="

val proxy = LightControls.members.findFirst[ l | == lightName + "_Proxy" ]
val device = LightControls.members.findFirst[ l | == lightName + "_Device" ]
val ui = LightControls.members.findFirst[ l | == lightName + "_UI" ]
val rules = LightControls.members.findFirst[ l | == lightName + "_Rules" ]

// The Proxy Item should never receive a command
if(source == "Proxy") {
    logWarn("light", "Received command on " + + ", this should not occur, ignoring.")

// When a command comes in from any source not the Device, a command gets sent to the Device
// This let's us skip this command so we don't end up in an infinite loop.
if(source == "Device") {
    Thread::sleep(50) // experiment, may not be needed, may need to be longer, give the Item registry time to update the proxy
    if(receivedCommand == proxy.state) return;

// Detect whether the light was triggered manually or automatically and do what needs to be done
if(source == "Device" || source == "UI") {
    sendBroadcastNotification("This done manually from the wall")
else {
    sendBroadcastNotification("This done from Google or UI")

// Forward the new state to those Items that are not already in the new state. Use sendCommand 
// for the device so the light actually turns on/off.
if(proxy.state != receivedCommand) proxy.postUpdate(receivedCommand)
if(ui.state != receivedCommand) ui.postUpdate(receivedCommand)
if(rules.state != receivedCommand) rules.postUpdate(receivedCommand)
if(device.state != receivedCommand device.sendCommand(receivedCommand


rule “Change the light”
Item mlight received update
HallLight_Rules.sendCommand(ON) // always use the Rules Item to send commands in your Rules
// some code