Google Assistant Fan tag not showing in home app

I have gone though and started updating my items to use the metadata to configure them for use with the google assistant. I’m using the fan metadata tag and the item is not showing in the google home app. This is my item definition:

Dimmer      LivingRoom_CeilingFans                      "Ceiling Fans"                      (gLivingRoom, gFunctionControl)         {ga="Fan" [ speeds="0=off:zero,1=low:one,2=medium:two,3=high:three", lang="en", ordered=true ]}

I’ve use the metadata option on a number of lights already and it works perfectly. It’s just the fan that’s not showing up. Is there something I’m doing wrong here?

I’m using the latest stable build of OH2 (2.5.5). Any help is appreciated.


It seems like you are using the “new” format for configuring items for Google Assistant which is (I believe) not yet published for OpenHab stable.

Try switching to documentation for OH 2.5 -

Actually, the metadata method was published in January. It’s a server-side function, so new features are added automatically when the maintainers push updates.

@mladams922, what else is in your item file, and do you get any log errors when you save it? At a glance, your fan item looks fine to me.

So I figured out what it was. I didn’t get any errors in the log. Turns out I forgot to add the room hint to specify what room they’re located in and when the app updated and added the fans, they were not in a room. Combined with the fact they they all have the same labels they seemed to be missing when they weren’t. I added the room hint to the metadata and they popped into the right room and they work great now.

Thanks for the replies though!